The Bathophone

Here’s an instrument I made in the mid 1990s while at Dartington. It’s a set of tuned cylindrical chimes suspended by fishing wire over a wooden tank of water. A foot pedal lowers the chimes into the water, which flattens the pitch.

It was largely successful, but It was extremely heavy, cumbersome, rusty, leaky and unpredictable.


The Looper

This Looper is made from Csound Code on a 1st-generation Raspberry Pi, a DIY Joystick kit, an old Edirol soundcard, and plywood.

Dialogues with Dave

In August I visited double bass player and old friend Dave Pullin. It was the first time we’d seen each other for nearly a decade, and the first time we’d played together for even longer than that. We talked, drank coffee and improvised music. Here are some recordings from that day.